This Battle is Not Yours

Youtube: This Battle is Not Yours

Do not fear or be dismayed at this great multitude; for the battle is not yours but God’s.

2 Chronicles 20:15 

Everyone has moments of uncertainty, of trial, of self doubt, and even despair. In these moments we seek help from all kinds of sources: books, counselors, ministers, doctors, friends, or family members. Any one of these may pass on some level of assurance that things are going to work out, that harmony will be restored in our body or in our affairs. With this bit of assurance, we rest a little better, regain some of our optimism, and turn our attention to more creative endeavors.

  It is a freeing thought to realize that the strength we seem to draw from others is really a process of opening our minds to our own deeper resource. In consciously returning to this inner resource we find the battle is not ours, that the great harmonizing power of God working through us is bringing about a satisfying solution. In quietness and trust in this truth, the flame of new strength is kindled.

When we are consumed with a problem, we have simply relegated our attention to one miniscule aspect of our being. Our entire universe revolves around it. There is nothing that can sever your connection with God, your limitless source of energy and inspiration that lifts you out of even the apparently tightest corners. Regardless of how far you feel you have strayed from your God center, God is still present and still flooding your being with the strength and assurance you need to move beyond this current stretch of uncertainty.

Begin now to know that whatever the challenge, whatever the battle you are involved in it is not your battle but God’s. Enter the peace of letting go your frantic search for answers. Be still and trust that the answers you need are now forthcoming. Turn from the apparent adversity and let new strength and courage rise from the core of your being.

This battle is not yours, friend. Know that God is working through you in beautifully satisfying ways right now.

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