Various Articles and Book Excerpts

The Fundamental Core of Jesus’ Teachings

The fundamental core of Jesus’ teachings is centered on the mystical experience. Peeling back the theological layers that surround him, we begin to sense that he was not more advanced in capacity, but it appears he had a fuller awareness than most of our place in the cosmic context.  He did not present himself as an example, but taught through parable and action the true estate of the individual, the capacity to live in conscious union with God.

Paper Pulp or Flour?

In a very real sense, every individual is a kind of mill through which the creative life force (life, love, power and intelligence) is diverted. What we produce as our personal experience is not the effect of this universal source, but the effect of what we have set up to mill.

The Fillmorian Influence

In much the same way science has been on a quest for the theory of everything (a single theory linking all aspects of the material universe), so Fillmore was in search of a spiritual key for resolving the full range of human problems.

The Body Problem

Of all living creatures, we humans take the prize when it comes to extended dependence in infancy. Unless we were fortunate enough to be born to parents who did not confuse our soul with our body (this would be a cultural rarity), we have much to learn, not in the way of soul education, but in bodily disassociation.

The Voice of Dissatisfaction

“With a restlessness which is pitiful to see, people are ever shifting from one thing to another, always hoping to find rest and satisfaction in some anticipated accomplishment or possession. People fancy they want houses and lands, great learning or power. They pursue these things and gain them only to find themselves still restless, still unsatisfied.” — Emilie Cady

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