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Front Cover

The belief in soul evolution comes from the commonly held assumption that each person is spiritually incomplete, that we have returned to this earthly school for lessons our souls need to move to the next higher level. The Complete Soul: Exposing the Myth of Soul Evolution challenges this belief. Your soul, like the drop of water taken from the ocean, is complete. The spiritual awakening is not about evolution. It is about recovering your soul from the false sense of self and its evolutionary timeline, a perceived barrier between where you think you are and where you want to be. This book takes the position that no such barrier exists. Within these pages, you will discover that you did not come here to learn something from the people, places, and things of this earth. You came for the experience. You came because you had something you wanted to give. The Complete Soul affirms your spiritual wholeness and suggests creative new ways of thinking about your reason for taking on this physical body. As you consider these ideas, you may discover that the fulfillment you seek is a lot closer than you think.

Meditation and Prayer Final Cover

On the path to spiritual understanding, no practice is more important in terms of spiritual transformation than the practices of meditation and prayer. And yet, as in many areas of spiritual discipline, it is as important to know why we pray and meditate as it is to know how. This book answers some common but important questions relating to both the how and the why of these two disciplines. Part I lays the foundation necessary for a positive experience of meditation and prayer. Parts II and III explain the theory and practice of meditation and prayer and give steps for the practice. Part IV offers suggestions on the practical applications of prayer in the areas of healing, prosperity and relationships. Sprinkled liberally with helpful affirmations, inspiring quotation and the author’s own wise insights, this book is more than a “how-to.” It is a “why-to” that will be a valued companion to anyone seeking a deeper spiritual life through the practices of meditation and prayer.

Prosperous Living Front Cover

Being prosperous is a goal to which many aspire. Achieving it is sometimes difficult. In his unique and insightful approach, J Douglas Bottorff gives you the tools, guidelines and the practical information you need to understand the principles of prosperity and how to put them to work in your life. Following these principles, you learn how to realize your dreams. New doors will open. Your spiritual life will deepen. You will gain new confidence and self-esteem and every aspect of your life will reflect more of the harmony and abundance you deeply desire.

Beams of Light Front Cover

Beams of Light is a collection of over a hundred short and powerful inspirational messages that cover a wide range of subjects important to the spiritual seeker today. Each message raises a common issue and offers a sound application of easily grasped spiritual principles. Excerpts: The more we give our light to the world, the more we realize that we already dwell in the house of the Lord. Being a conscious giver opens our eyes to things we cannot see when we are drawn in upon ourselves. The world becomes a brighter place because we bring the needed light of compassion. We are spiritual beings who have, for reasons we know at the deepest level, stepped into this earthly experience to accomplish some work important to us. We brought with us our connection to our eternal source of guidance and supply, a resource of wisdom and guidance that will always lead us to the right answers when we need them. There may be a better solution to our need than the one we envision. We could be looking for a specific change in circumstances when all that is needed is a slight shift in attitude. Our consciousness is a kind of lens through which we view everything. If we hold onto ideas that are out of integrity with the nature of the soul, we hinder the fuller expression of its true essence. Spiritual growth is the process of bringing our consciousness, the sum of our beliefs, into alignment with what is true of us at the deepest level. Within these pages, you are sure to find insights that will affirm your convictions and challenge you to consider new ways of seeing yourself and your world.

Journey Cover

The ideas contained in A Spiritual Journey have been described as innovative, renovative, provocative, practical, brutally honest, freeing, confirming, inspiring, filled with wisdom and just enough irreverence to stir the waters of spiritual complacency. Originally written as a blog, this anthology presents a tapestry of ideas intended to stimulate new ways of thinking about who we are and why we have incarnated on this planet. For some, it could be a spiritual wake up call. In whatever way you see it, you are certain to find something within these pages that will bring clarity or challenge you to rethink some cherished preconceptions of your own spiritual journey.

Whisper Girl Front Cover

When novelist Stuart Adams joins an expedition led by Dr. Niki Mikos, a beautiful archaeologist resuming her murdered father’s search for an ancient scroll, he doesn’t count on romance, getting caught up in a perilous adventure dogged by a homicidal Greek official, an erupting volcano, and sinister forces that will stop at nothing to confiscate the artifact. The scroll, thought to contain the key that could save the last vestiges of a dying civilization and usher in an era of world peace, is lost somewhere in the beautiful setting of the Aegean Sea islands. Clues are scarce, but a series of inexplicable visions lead Stuart and the team to the scroll’s location. The discovery is immediately countered by a heinous act of deception that robs the expedition of its hard-earned prize, leaving Stuart and Niki to die on the shores of the erupting volcano. Though they make a narrow escape, other team members are not so lucky. While Niki mourns her losses, Stuart is torn between staying with her and going back to a dubious relationship with girlfriend Marion Chandler. But the smoldering tinder of mutual attraction—souls once separated now rejoined—ignites between Stuart and Niki into the full-fledged flame of love. Their ecstasy is short-lived, for the flame casts light on Niki’s secret knowledge of an ancient prophesy that she and a high priestess know only Stuart can fulfill. Running counter to all logic, his resistance to participation in a ritual walking a dangerous labyrinth blindfolded is softened by yet another vision urging him to accept his destined role in the deadly ceremony. His success at accomplishing it, he is told, will salvage the remnants of the once-great civilization and signal the beginning of a world sweet with the fragrance of peace. By all appearances it is a lost cause, a dying culture set on an irreversible trajectory toward extinction. Will Stuart muster the courage, the compassion, and enough trust in his own instincts to risk life and love to save them?

Bighorn Front Cover

A young desert bighorn must choose between remaining true to the values of his ancestry and following a corrupt leadership determined to expose his wild herd to the soul-draining enticements of domestication. If he goes along, he loses his heritage. If he goes alone, he loses everything. Can Willow find the strength to follow his heart and win the battle against the lust for power that threatens to destroy the way of the bighorn? Willow alone must answer this question. The story is a metaphor depicting the individual’s struggle to maintain fundamental values while under pressure to conform to the trends of popular culture.