A Prayer of Guidance

Youtube: A Prayer of Guidance

“He who hath led me to this way, Still on the way will show.

He who hath taught me of this way, Still more will make me know.”

– Emma Curtis Hopkins

For many years, this has been a favorite verse of mine. In times of confusion and uncertainty it reminds me to pause and put things in a proper spiritual perspective. Life is full of surprises and challenges that at times seem to push us beyond our capacity to roll with the changes. We can become so immersed in the details of appearances that we lose touch with the bigger picture. It’s good to pause, take a few deep breaths, and affirm again that we are being guided and instructed in ways that contribute to our greater good and well-being.

In affirming guidance, it’s important to remember that your unfolding greater good is also the greater good for those whose lives you touch. How this could be true may not always be clear. But if you embrace the truth that you are indeed being shown the best and highest way, you can rest assured that the guiding hand of divine wisdom is directing your steps even through moments of uncertainty.    

And what is this way you were taught? It is the way of spiritual principle. Do not judge by appearances. Believe you have received that which you ask for in prayer. Lift your spiritual eyes to behold the fields ready now for harvest. Your faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. In other words, assume a confident and peaceful attitude that things are unfolding in exactly the right way, that every step you take is the right step.

The greatest fruit of prayer is the peace of mind that inspires in you the freedom to live your life creatively and confidently. The wisdom that brought you to this place in your life knows how to carry you forward. It knows how to impart the light of guidance that lights your path. Be at peace, and trust that your life is now unfolding exactly as it should.

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