Our Executive Faculties

What Are They?

  • Executive Faculties: imagination, faith, will, judgment and elimination.
  • We’re either using these faculties to build our house of consciousness on the ever-shifting sands of the self-image or we’re using them for their intended purpose of building from the bedrock of the soul.
  • The laws of expression and attraction: Most people focus on the law of attraction, using techniques of mental imagery (visualizations), positive attitudes, and affirmations of success, with their primary focus on the improvement of the self-image.
  • The self-image is, by nature, incomplete. It’s like having a fancy display window without the store full of merchandise.
  • Through the law of expression, we’re filled from the inside out. It’s here, at the quiet center of our being, that the Universal transitions into personal expression. From this point of knowing, the law of attraction does its quiet work of establishing conditions that reflect this new birth.
  • We use all five of our executive faculties all the time.


  • Imagination: The imagination is a single faculty that embodies intellectual and intuitive components.    
  • The intellectual function is that aspect of the mind that we know as the picture-forming, logic-based, rational mind. This side of the imagination relies on information it can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.
  • The intuitive function is the avenue through which we acquire knowledge of our spiritual nature. This is not done through an accumulation of facts, but through direct experience. The intuition is our portal to the unseen reality of the soul.
  • Emilie Cady: “Intuition and intellect are meant to travel together, intuition always holding the reins to guide intellect.”
  • As we still the senses-based intellect and turn the reins over to the intuition, we’re gradually led to the inner sanctum of the soul. Once we connect with this foundation, the intuitive aspect of the imagination inspires its visualizing counterpart with the vitality of the soul.


  • Faith: From the soul’s point of view, faith is that ever-expansive urge for greater freedom that we observe in ourselves and in all life forms.
  • Faith is a word we apply to the soul’s intrinsic knowing that our needs are already met, our journey already successful come what may.
  • Another way to think of faith is to see it as our level of expectation concerning the overall direction and tendency of our life.
  • Faith is that not-so-subtle force that prompts the migration of our self-awareness from the far country of the self-image to its rightful place in the soul. The single objective of faith becomes the cultivation of a conscious experience of the soul.


  • Will: The will is the faculty that allows us to change our previous course and then keep our every step pointed in the direction of our newly conceived freedom.
  • We exercise the faculty of will as our means of keeping the intuitive portal open, the picturing aspect of the imagination properly focused and our faith directed to spiritual wholeness.
  • Let thy will be done, then, is the highest form of prayer when directed to the soul.


  • Judgment: Our faculty of judgment is naturally biased toward all possibility.
  • In our conscious return to the soul, the faculty of judgment rests in a single question: Does the thing under consideration advance the cause of our spiritual homecoming, or does it prolong it?
  • We employ our faculty of judgment to see past appearances of perceived blockages.
  • Like the fishermen who used their judgment to discern between good fish and bad, the faculty of judgment is our ability to discern the difference between protecting a weakness of the self-image and advancing the strength of the soul.


  • Elimination: The soul isn’t plagued with a need to hang onto spiritual maxims or any other thing the world considers valuable. The soul itself is of the highest value. 
  • The struggling self-image has placed great value on many things it considers essential to its maintenance and survival. 
  • As the light of the soul begins to dawn on us, we release attachments to those materially-centered ideas that detract from our emerging spiritual awareness.
  • The power of elimination is in letting go of those energies that would pull our attention away from the free expression of the soul.

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