My Own Journey: Individual Page

Episode 1: My Own Journey

My Own Journey lays the foundation for the ideas we’ll examine throughout this series. It challenges the assumptions that the soul is evolving, that the earth is a school filled with lessons the soul needs to learn for continued spiritual advancement. Science claims that water is at least as old as the earth–4.6 billion years. Using water as an illustration, we see how the soul, like water, also maintains its ageless status regardless of when or how many times it takes up a physical body.  The body, not the soul, is subject to the laws of time and space. The soul is like a treasure buried in a field, its value fully established now. We discover it and then we “sell” or gradually release all that we own (our preconceptions) to buy that field.  We’re letting go of former beliefs concerning our spiritual incompleteness and taking possession of the truth of our complete soul.

Talking Points

  • Are we defining ourselves using all the elements at our disposal? Am I merely this personality, this body and circumstances or am I something more?
  • This “I” that has a personality, a body, is the soul. Our spiritual journey is about making the shift from the surface self-image to the deeper levels of the soul.
  • The generally accepted assumption is that our lack of spiritual understanding is the result of an immature, incomplete and evolving soul. The remedy, therefore, is to engage in practices that stimulate soul growth.
  • This series takes the position that our soul is now fully mature, that the belief our soul is evolving creates a false barrier between where we are in our spiritual understanding, and where we want to be.
  • Our so-called spiritual journey is not about becoming something more in the future. It’s about waking up to what’s true of the soul right now.
  • We’re not developing the soul. We’re discovering that the soul is fully developed and accessible to any who are prepared to accept this truth.

Common views of the metaphysical community.

  • The soul is in a state of evolution.
  • Earth is a school for the soul.
  • Spiritual icons are examples we need to follow.
  • There are old souls and there are young souls.

Water Illustration

  • When water is poured into a glass, we initiate a timeline that includes both time and space. A glass of water is “born” at a specific time and it occupies a unique space. Drawing from the same water source, we do the same thing in a year. The first glass of water will always be a year older than the second glass. Is this also true of the water? No. The water in both glasses, as well as the source they’re drawn from, is the same age. 
  • Every soul rises from a timeless, single spiritual source. Time passes and bodies age, but the spiritual essence that is the soul, like water, remains the same.
  • The soul is now all that it will ever be. It doesn’t age and it doesn’t evolve mature. It is our understanding of the soul that evolves. 
  • There are no natural barriers between where we are in our understanding and the full potential of the soul.

Hope for The Future

  • Discuss how the concept of soul evolution can place the soul in a context of time and space that is actually foreign to the soul.
  • Do you think of yourself as the second glass of water that is less mature than the first, that someday you’ll be as advanced as the first?
  • Why might it hinder our spiritual growth to use a spiritual icon like Jesus as an example of what we think we may or should become?

 Parable of the Buried Treasure

  • The treasure (soul) buried in the field (consciousness) is not a potential that needs to be developed. It’s value is fully established. All the man has to do is sell his possessions and buy the field. How might this understanding impact our spiritual development?
  • What does it mean to “sell” a spiritual preconception? What are some of these preconceptions we should consider selling?
  • In light of Paul’s awakening on the road to Damascus, discuss the assertion that the  speed of our spiritual development is not determined by more time and further study, but by our willingness to identify and release false spiritual preconceptions.
  • Our spiritual journey is more about letting go of false ideas and opening our minds to the true nature of the soul.