Faith in The Greater Good

Youtube: Faith in The Greater Good

While we commonly associate faith with a set of religious beliefs, it is much more than this. Faith is one of our most important faculties, one that works closely with the imagination. Consider the overall feeling that you carry about your life. Think about how you imagine it to be. If you find that you carry a feeling of apprehension, and that you often entertain a negative vision for your life, it may be time for a reset.

It is helpful to remember that any feeling of apprehension we carry is simply an accumulation of unprocessed thought and emotion. By unprocessed I mean those things we think about but do not resolve. We leave them hanging. We lay them in the mental inbox thinking we’ll deal with them later. But it doesn’t take long for the inbox to fill up, leaving us with the looming feeling that something ominous is lurking.

We can address this feeling by taking those things we have put on hold and bringing them into the light of our faith in greater good unfolding. When we can’t literally take action to resolve an issue, we can decide to resolve it emotionally. It may be helpful to revisit a book that inspired us, to read again those meaningful passages we have highlighted but forgotten. There is a reason we have stepped upon this path of faith that we travel, and we may rediscover helpful reminders that encouraged us in earlier times.  

Faith in the greater good translates as peace of mind. Faith, accompanied with any action we can take is a stress-dissolving combination. We inventory our inbox with the intention of addressing the items we have tossed in there. The simple decision to do so is an empowering act of faith in the greater good. The simplest step in this direction has a way of opening doors that we may have thought were locked tight.

If you carry any sense of apprehension, make the choice today to revive your faith in the greater good unfolding now. It doesn’t take much to change the way you feel about your life.

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