Embrace Your Desire

Youtube: Embrace Your Desire

Enter your daily routine with the calm assurance that conditions are either present already or will soon present themselves. If you do not see evidence at once, know that the spiritual prototype (your desire) is already in existence.

For many, this may be one of the most challenging steps in the manifestation process. The principle is illustrated in a gospel story when the Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom would come. Jesus pointed out that the kingdom was already present, as the spiritual potential within each person. The implication is that the kingdom will manifest in accordance with the individual’s level of expectation.

Every time you think of your desire, get the feeling that it is complete even if you see no evidence to support it. Your vision and your accompanying feeling serve as the blueprint—or as Troward called it, the spiritual prototype—from which the manifestation evolves. By holding your vision, you become attentive to unfolding possibilities.

Jesus again expressed this principle of knowing in his story of the woman who had ten silver coins and lost one. She swept her house clean looking for it. She knew she had that coin. If she couldn’t remember whether she had ten, she would not have put the same kind of energy into her search.   

You are to think of your desire as the equivalent to your having the manifested version. Do not be frantic about looking for evidence of it. Just go about your life doing what you need to do while holding your desire in the back of your mind as a completed fact.

There is, of course, a certain excitement that accompanies your vision and the feeling that it is now present. You do not want to deny this, but you do not want to let it drain your energy either. Follow Troward’s suggestion of calm assurance. In due time, the evidence that it is coming forth will show itself.

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