Calm Expectation

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Part 2 of 5: The Manifestation Process

Know that you are working with law. With calm expectation of a corresponding result, you know that all necessary conditions will come about in proper order.

I have said many times that we can better understand the word faith by exchanging it with the word expectation. When you say, I have faith in God, you may not put yourself in the same assured mindset as when you say, I am working with divine law, therefore I expect results. When you say you have faith in God, you may be saying, I believe God will have mercy on me and act on my behalf. When you think of yourself as working with law—as in working a mathematical equation—you step out of the imposed perceived personality of God and enter the realm of cause and effect. Your desire becomes a cause and its manifestation is the effect. The attitude of calm expectation becomes a magnetic atmosphere of developing possibilities.   

How clear is your desire? Have you written it down? Can you see it and feel it the instant you think about it? If you cannot, then go back to step one and continue clarifying and developing your desire. The reason this is important is that your desire becomes a cause. If your cause is blurry, the effects that follow will be blurred as well. If you have clarified it, you can enter this second step of calm expectation with the assurance that you have set into motion a cause that will produce a specific effect.

Each morning as you awaken, picture your desire and give thanks that some aspect of it is working into your life this day. Do not be concerned if you see no evidence that this is happening. When you plant a seed you never see immediate evidence of its growth. But you plant with the calm expectation that it is growing.

Calm expectation of your good is like a computer program running in the background. You go about your daily life while holding this expectant attitude always. At night when you go to bed, you make your picture vivid, giving thanks that it unfolds even as you sleep. Living with calm expectation keeps your heart open and joyful.

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