A New Beginning

YouTube: A New Beginning

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” Romans 12:2

Our new year celebration, like most holidays, calls our attention to an important spiritual principle which Paul highlights in the above passage. It is our ability to experience transformation by letting go of the old and opening our mind to the new. From the spiritual perspective, we do not limit our thinking to a span of 365 days. In truth, every moment is an opportunity to begin again.

When Jesus warned about judging by appearances, he was pointing to our tendency to let certain facts determine how we think and feel, an obvious influence on our expectations. This places us at the mercy of our ever-changing environment. If we think of each new moment as an opportunity to begin again, we can challenge our own belief that the past determines the present and future, and we can raise our expectation for unfolding greater good. As Paul implies, acknowledging facts does not mean we are obligated to conform mentally and emotionally to what they appear to be telling us.

To ring out the old and ring in the new involves the process of denial (release) and affirmation. If you are concerned that something you value is being threatened, begin by realizing every moment is a new beginning. Choose to not conform to the appearance and the fear you have invested in it. Lift your spiritual sight above the apparent facts and affirm that God’s wisdom is now working through all people and circumstances to establish a wonderful resolution.

You are setting a new course for yourself. Yes, you will waver. You will experience doubt. The old fears will return. Do not allow yourself to become entangled in the old pessimism. Start over. Enter another new beginning. Be willing to be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Spend quality time pulling yourself away from all appearances and affirm the wisdom of God is working in wonderful and powerful ways.     

Let this now moment be your new beginning. Let go and trust God’s greater good is now unfolding through your life.

Denial and Affirmation

I release everything I think I know about myself, my life, and the way my life seems to be unfolding.

Spirit reveals the perfect path to a meaningful, prosperous and successful life.

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