A Most Moving Letter

Once upon a time, I was the minister of Christ Church Unity in Springfield, Missouri. I’m told that the church has completely changed since I was there. Way beyond my control, thank God. But while I was there, I did a weekly radio broadcast of my Sunday talks. These were prerecorded on cassette tapes (ancient history, I know), which I hand-delivered to KTXR’s studio each week. I was told the station reached a 100 mile radius.

Today, thanks to the internet, our message reaches the entire world. Just yesterday, a new friend, a poet and photographer from Russia, listened to and “liked” our Candle Lighting service. How cool is that?

I am forever hopeful that whoever needs to hear this message can find it. Why? Back in the KTXR days, this letter came from a listener I’ve never met. Nor have I forgotten what they wanted to tell me:

“I had no knowledge of the Unity church prior to one and one half years ago. Then one Sunday, I turned on the radio. I had reached a new low – filled with despair. I had just written a note to my family explaining why I had to take my life. As I was counting out the pills I was going to swallow, I heard Rev. Bottorff speaking (I really heard him). His voice and message was filled with so much love and hope the intense pain I was experiencing seemed to dissipate. I had not been in a church for 20 years and had totally given up on the idea of a God – until that Sunday when your service was broadcast. I can’t even tell you why I had the radio on at that time. I never had before. But I know that Rev. Bottorff saved my life and since that initial message I have missed only 2 or 3 broadcasts. There have been many times during this past year I have been sustained only by the assurance that I would hear your words again on Sunday. ‘Wait till Sunday’ has been my personal battle cry.  So I thank you with much gratitude for reaching out to me – and many others, I’m sure – with love and greater hope for the future.”

4 thoughts on “A Most Moving Letter

  1. I have tried to report back to you –without success– that I’ve asked a few key people ‘around’ about the future of Unity and their
    vision, their take on things. To a person, Doug, what these folks said, is, the one author who continues to be a thinker
    and to be the voice of Unity is you: that you continue to write material that should be distributed more widely than it is.
    I found that very profound for me, having had you as a peer during school years. Couldn’t be prouder of you and I always
    check to see what you are writing about. No, haven’t bought your later books but –well most of them I have– but then
    I have a very dear, comforting place in my soul for you.

    1. Thank you Colleen. I’ve always responded to your messages in the past. Not sure why you wouldn’t have received them. I appreciate you taking the time to write. And yes, I do get emails and notes from those who use my books in various ways personally or in their ministry. Most purchase my books through Amazon. Writers write to share, of course, so I’m always happy to see an increase in sales.

      I don’t know where the Unity movement is now, but I took a formal step out because the leadership was taking the organization in a direction I couldn’t support. I have, remained true to the calling that brought me to Unity those many years ago. I continue to explore and write of what I find. This is what Unity inspired me to do.

      Thanks again, Colleen, for your good words.

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