The Prospering Prayer

YouTube: The Prospering Prayer

Audio: The Prospering Prayer

As we have seen, prayer is a two-fold activity. There is a releasing and affirming aspect. The seed lets go of its seed identity (release) before it grows (affirms) into the plant. When we pray, we become willing to release the energy we are giving to one thing – usually a negative appearance – so we may fully pour it into another.

The prospering prayer is a prayer intended to free us from some restriction. For the seed, prosperity is the shedding of the seed-self so that further growth and fruition may occur. We are following this same principle of expansion that we see in operation throughout the natural world.

Think about this. You desire greater freedom because at the spiritual level you are already free. Conditions that restrict the soul’s natural expression, whether they are financial, health-related, or grounded in our self-perception, are really pockets of energy that must be broken up and released. When we understand this, we can focus our prayer work in the most effective direction. This rarely has to do with the actual condition. The condition is simply calling our attention to the area in need of work.

Remember that Jesus said whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Believing you have received changes the way you utilize your energy. Believing you have not received sets up a negative charge. Believing you have received sets up a positive charge. You may say, “Trying to believe I have received something I don’t have is a lie. How can I believe a lie?” We are dealing with spiritual principle here. The material thing or condition is the effect you are after. Prayer sets up the cause that produces the desired effect, or something better.

Pay attention to the negative energy you are giving to your situation. Make a conscious effort to release this. Affirm the truth, the greater freedom that you want to experience. That is, allow yourself to experience this freedom. How would I feel if this issue was resolved? Let yourself experience the joy and freedom associated with your answer. Hold to this and take any action you’re prompted to take until your desired condition becomes your reality.       

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