The Prayer of Love

YouTube: The Prayer of Love

Audio: The Prayer of Love

Love has been called, the great attractor, and for good reason. We are all drawn to loving acts and words of our friends and family, and to the unconditional acceptance of our pets. Love nurtures us, assures us, comforts us in our strongest moments, and in our times of uncertainty. This is, no doubt, why John concluded that God is love, the most desirable, all-encompassing quality that we can experience.

  Yet love is not only a great attractor, it is also a great dissolver. Love draws greater good, but it also dissolves attitudes, perceptions, relationships and conditions that keep more favorable situations from developing in our lives.

Sometimes we are not aware of the things that need to dissolve, and so we cling to them as if their dissolution is a threat to our well-being. The prayer of love is a conscious recognition and willingness to let love enhance our strengths and dissolve our weaknesses. Are we prepared to allow love to dissolve a weakness, even when we consider it a strength? Fear, often interpreted as a signal that it’s time to fight, can also be seen as a signal that it’s time to move beyond some self-defeating aspect of our self-image.

Love may appear to be a double-edged sword that can heal or wound. But when love is left to do its perfect work, the results are always in our favor. Love clears the way for us to move past self-restricting attitudes or behaviors that keep us struggling in the constraints of limitation.  

Affirm, Divine Love is doing Its perfect work in me now. Feel God as a loving, guiding, comforting presence. Open your mind and heart to possibilities of growth in every area of your being, conscious and unconscious. See love pouring into every aspect of your life, to balance, heal, harmonize and dissolve those things that stand in the way of your greater good. Love is working on your behalf, so surrender to love’s perfect work in absolute trust that those things which fall away need to do so, and those new, inspired ideas that come to you have done so by divine appointment.

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