Stirring The Pot

YouTube: Stirring The Pot

Chemicalization: Mix vinegar and baking soda and you’ll witness a bubbling agitation that results in a new compound: carbon dioxide.

“This is a good illustration of what takes place sometimes in the minds and bodies of people. Suppose a man has lived in wrong thought and molded his body [and life conditions] by wrong thought for years, until, as you might say, he has become solidified in that wrong belief. You introduce the Truth to him by strong denials and affirmations as has been taught. The very newness of it (and because it is Truth) creates in the first few days new hope, new joy, and health.

“After a little time, a sort of mental ferment or agitation takes place. One is apt to feel very nervous and seared way down in the depts of himself. If he has ever been sick, he will begin to feel the old diseases; if he has been morally bad, the old desires and habits take possession of him with new force; if he has been holding denials and affirmations about business affairs until they looked hopeful, all at once they collapse and seem darker and more hopeless than ever. All the new beliefs that lifted him into a new world for a few days seem failures, and he seems on the very verge of breaking up generally.

“What has happened? … There has been a clash between the old condition—which was based on falsehood, fear, and wrong ways of thinking—and the new thought or Truth entering you. … Do not be frightened. … Something higher and better always results.

“Should you find yourself in this state of internal aggravation, you need only affirm: There is nothing to fear, absolutely nothing to fear. Perfect love reigns and all is good. Peace be still, and so on, and very soon the brighter conditions will appear, and you will find yourself on a much higher plane than you have ever been before.”

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