How Prayer Works

YouTube: How Prayer Works

There are basically two types of prayer. The first, which is most common, is petitionary prayer. Petitionary prayer begins with the premise that we are separate from God. We have a problem. God has the solution. We petition God to act on our behalf and solve our problem.  

The second type is affirmative prayer. This type of prayer begins with the understanding that we are one with God. Our prayer aligns us with the creatively uplifting action of God. We do not need to persuade God to act. Affirmative prayer brings our thinking and our expectation (faith) into harmony with the creative activity of God.

What is the basis of this creative activity? God as love is drawing to us that which is for our highest good and dissolving that which is not. Jesus warned against reciting prayers containing many words. We simply acknowledge that love is now doing its perfect work in our situation. Jesus encouraged his listeners to believe they had already received that which they asked for in prayer. And what are we asking for in prayer? We are seeking to bring forth that which is for our highest good. We probably have an idea of what we think this should be, but then we add, this or something better. This keeps our mind open to greater and better possibilities.

Jesus also said that the Father knows our needs even before we ask. We will not get a stone when we ask for bread. This is an attitude of trust. Think of the creative life force that is God as a natural, healing, prospering flow. You are, at this moment, being carried by this flow to that which is for your highest good.

A simple affirmative spoken prayer directed to a specific issue can go something like this:

The infinite wisdom of God is now drawing to me that which is for my highest good and dissolving that which is not. Thank you, God, for the perfect solution now being made manifest.

Make this prayer an attitude that you carry throughout your day. Also, take quiet times to refresh and recharge your faith in the highest good now unfolding.

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