Step 2: The Work of Love

12 Steps to Spiritual Recovery

Step 2: The Work of Love

Divine love draws to me that which is for my highest good and dissolves that which is not.

We have learned that God as omnipotent Spirit is changeless in nature. The biggest takeaway from this understanding is that God will not one day begin working on our behalf; God is doing so already. This second step is intended as a reminder of this truth.

It is not always easy to see that Divine love is now doing its perfect work in our life. The presence of difficult people or circumstances may cause us to question how we could consider either as our highest good. Or our experiencing some loss may leave us feeling that something important to our life has been dissolved. How can we think of this as something good?

On an occasion when the disciples tried and failed to heal an epileptic boy, Jesus pointed out that there are situations that require much prayer. Their apparent failure turned into an important lesson. When appearances are confusing and it feels as if life is playing tricks on us, it is time to take a deeper look. In so doing, we gain a higher perspective. This frame in the film is not the whole movie. As the condition evolves, we are confident that we will understand how all the pieces fit and come to see how things worked out for our highest good.

This second step is also a powerful prayer we can use for others. Divine love draws to you that which is for your highest good and dissolves that which is not. As this silently held thought for another becomes our conviction, we are able to release them into the healing, guiding light of love. It is not our duty to determine what is best for another. It is our duty to affirm that Divine love is doing its perfect work in and through them now.

We remind ourselves that spiritual recovery is not about gaining something we did not have. It is about claiming something we have forgotten is ours already. Divine love is now doing its perfect work in our life, in the lives of our loved ones, and in those who have entered the sphere of our experience.

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