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Excerpts From Feeling Is The Secret, Neville Goddard

Because all things come from within yourself, and your conception of yourself determines that which comes, you should always feel the wish fulfilled before you drop off to sleep.


“How would I feel were my wish realized?” is the feeling which should monopolize and immobilize your attention as you relax into sleep. You must be in the consciousness of being or having that which you want to be or to have before you drop off to sleep.


Night after night, you should assume the feeling of being, having and witnessing that which you seek to be, possess and see manifested. Never go to sleep feeling discouraged or dissatisfied. Never sleep in the consciousness of failure.


The acceptance of the end automatically wills the means of realization.


Dream Interpretation Guidelines

The steps below are from a Jungian psychotherapist, Robert Johnson. The website and commentary belong to Jonah Calinawan. For more detail, check out Johah’s website.

Here’s the link: Jonah Calinawan

Step 1 Write the Dream in Detail

Step 2 Make Associations

Step 3 Connect Dream Images to What’s Happening Internally

Step 4 Interpret the Dream

Step 5 Do a Ritual to Make the Dream Concrete

2 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. I have been enjoying these past few messages on Neville Goodard’s work. They surely coincide with the assurance of Jesus to believe that you’ve received what you ask for in prayer and it will be yours – which gets to the bedrock of what faith actually is. What a different world we would experience if we consistently believed that the goodness of God is always and everywhere present and continually blessing us. Thank you for your thoughts on this, and I especially want to thank Barb and Diane for their piano/violin duet “Walking on Air.” Beautifully done!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the series. And yes, we are blessed with some wonderful musicians that add a beautiful dimension to our service. Goddard was a unique soul and it’s been good to bring him to light for those who were not familiar with him. Thanks again. Rev. Doug

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