Understanding Prayer

Youtube: Understanding Prayer

Next Sunday we will begin our first of four lessons in Advent. As you know, I do not follow the traditional topics but focus instead on the four aspects of God: life, love, power, and intelligence. These attributes also express as the soul and should be thought of as our spiritual resources.

Prayer is our way of directing these resources in ways that are specific to our needs. If we need to breathe the breath of life into some area of our experience—say we’re feeling trapped or stagnated in some negative situation—we first stop giving attention to such feelings. We do not allow ourselves to entertain any feeling that this area of our life is not working. Instead, we vigorously and steadfastly affirm that the life of God is now expressing in beautiful and prospering ways, that there is a perfect flow of new ideas and enlivening enthusiasm that now clears the way for a more wholesome and satisfying experience.

We bring a consciousness of love into our prayer life by knowing that which is not for our highest good is now being dissolved and the greater good we desire is now being established. Love is the very process of denial and affirmation. Affirm that love is doing its perfect work in you and in your life right now.

Spiritual power is spiritual empowerment. Release all feelings of powerlessness and affirm the power of Spirit is now doing its mighty work in you. You are fearless and free to move forward in your thinking, to open your mind to new possibilities now unfolding.

Cease all talk and thought about not knowing what to do. Affirm the very intelligence of God is guiding you in all ways, that you know what to do and you do it. Divine intelligence is a tremendous resource that is always available and ready to respond to your affirmative attitude.

During this Advent season, let us not look back to the past and simply tell the same old story. Let us turn to God now, drawing upon our limitless resources of life, love, power, and intelligence to stir new possibilities.

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