Getting Out of God’s Way

Youtube: Getting Out of God’s Way

Guest Speaker: Erika Satie

What does following your intuition and joy look like to you? Does it mean that you are dialed in to the Truth of who and what you are and that you are being guided by that inner knowing? Some say that your feelings are indicators of your alignment with Source – do you believe that to be true? What if this was taken more seriously? I do know from experience that the feeling of joy is almost always a clear indication that you on the right path and that you are in the flow of Life itself. On the other hand, when you feel dark and negative it can seem that you are somehow lost and alone and that things will never work out. When this happens, know that you have simply forgotten who and what you are. You have let it slip your mind that you are a powerful and naturally joyful expression of the Divine. Be grateful to know that you no longer must let these dark feelings be predominant in your life, as you always have a choice on what to focus on.

I have found that the more we lean into our spiritual practices, the easier it becomes for us to allow better feelings into our life and experience. Unfortunately, if you look around you most people seem to be in low spirits much of the time, but every once in a while, you meet a person who is upbeat and positive. It’s as if they see the silver lining in everything that has taken place. I don’t think that these people are special or unique, I believe that this mindset is here for all of us. Not as a spiritual bypass, but as a way of training ourselves to go back to God when we happen to find ourselves in a place that feels cut off from the source of Joy that is always flowing to us.

One thought on “Getting Out of God’s Way

  1. The last time I saw a smile on someone’s face in the supermarket, it was the stock-boy who showed me where the frozen OJ was! I think he was glad to have his job. He certainly brightened MY day, even behind the facemask he was wearing.

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