The Word of God

Youtube: The Word of God

It is clear that the author of John is not thinking of written texts when he refers to the Word of God. He states that without this Word, “… nothing was made that has been made.” He is attempting to explain the creative mechanism that directs the universal energy of life and intelligence into individual form. In this Word is life, “… and that life is the light (intelligence) of men.” In other words, John is describing God, not as a collection of written texts, but as the Creative Life Force.

In Unity, we do not tell people what to think. We teach them how to think. What does this mean? If you think of yourself as being separate from your spiritual source, limited by your present understanding, you’ll approach your life from this limited basis. If you think of yourself, as John suggests, as a living expression of God, connected with the creative intelligence that produces all that is made, you’ll open your mind to greater possibilities.

Treating the Bible as our sole line of communication with God turns our attention away from our true source of guidance. Yes, we can draw inspiration from the Bible and other written sources, but it is the living intelligence of God within that truly guides. I’m sure this is why Paul stated that “the written code kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2Cor. 3:6). The written code does not kill in a literal sense, but in an inspirational sense.

One way of directing our attention to the living Word of God within is through our use of the spoken word. Speaking words that align with what is true helps establish this truth in our thinking. Try using a statement like this throughout your day:

God, the living Word within me, is now guiding me in all ways. Affirming that every step I take is the right step, I move through my life in confidence and in peace. Thank you God, that this is so.

The living Word of God is your life, the very light that brightens your path. Call upon it in your darker moments of uncertainty, and your way will surely become clear.  

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