Your Spiritual Reset

Youtube: Your Spiritual Reset

The feeling of being stuck in life is probably one of the most common expressions of frustration, and the likely reason Henry David Thoreau wrote this famous line: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

We like action. We like to initiate changes, see results, and go on to the next thing with the feeling that our life is progressing. Sometimes we initiate changes and nothing happens, or everything seems to go wrong. Such times can certainly contribute to feelings of quiet desperation.  

A line attributed to Jesus contains a spiritual gem that can help us reset and begin again. “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Jesus would not be calling attention to himself, but to the spiritual core of his listener. If you think of these words arising from your own spiritual center, your central I, you will get an idea of why these words can help in times of confusion and uncertainty.

Think of your own I AM as the axle that holds the spinning wheel of your external life. At your center you are always at rest regardless of how fast or how slow things seem to be moving. It is important to reconnect with this stable, unmoving part of yourself, to withdraw for a time from all your efforts to spin the wheel, and surrender to the healing, balancing action of your guiding Source.

It is easy to get caught up in the ways and means to a desired end, forgetting that you desire the greater good because you are responding to that still small voice emanating from your central core. God as your source has urged you this far. Will God not also guide you through each step of the way? Perhaps it is time to rekindle your faith in your indwelling guidance, to experience the assurance that “I am with you always.”

Surrender in trust to the all-knowing, all-loving presence of God within you. Right where you are, initiate your spiritual reset. Open yourself to knowing that every step you take is the right step, that you are now being guided and protected in ways that will soon become perfectly clear.

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