Your Spiritual Pedigree

YouTube: Your Spiritual Pedigree

A feeling commonly expressed by those who discover teachings based on the inner path is that of having come home. This was certainly my experience when I discovered Emilie Cady’s writings. The things she wrote about I had never read, yet the ideas felt so familiar and so natural that I knew I had found my spiritual path.

Since those early days, I have encountered many kindred spirits who understood exactly the feeling I described. The spiritual connection we share with certain others is a compatibility that runs deeper than family ties. This, I believe is the idea Jesus was addressing in this passage:

He was in a house so crowded that another person could not enter. When he was told that his mother and brothers were outside asking for him, he looked at the people sitting before him and said, “Here is my mother, my brothers, and my sisters, for these seek to understand the will of our heavenly Father.” Mark 3:32-34

There is no indication that Jesus abandoned his family. His mother was with him to the end. And his brother James was martyred for becoming a prominent leader of the early church. What I hear him saying is that souls do not give birth to souls. We have a birth family, but we may have more in common with people who share our spiritual interests.

For me, this story illustrates Jesus’ appeal to common people. His message transcended social class and connected with people at the intuitive, soul level. The mystic understands that the omnipresence of God is centered in every person. When Isaiah wrote that every knee shall bow to the Lord, he was acknowledging that all will eventually come to this truth and begin their inner quest for enlightenment.    

I believe the message of Jesus was free of the rules and regulations that accompany the complexity of religious trappings. The kingdom within was a message accessible to all. The spiritual pedigree of every soul is our inseparable unity with God.

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