How to Find Your Spiritual Purpose

YouTube: How to Find Your Spiritual Purpose

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.” John 15:16

While it is tempting to think that our first exposure to spiritual principles is through books and teachers, it is important to remember that something gave us the nudge to begin our academic quest. What is this something that causes us to hunger and thirst for deeper knowledge of spiritual things? It is direct revelation seeping through our intuitive faculty.

Our quest for literature and teachers that is compatible with this inner prompting begins. We seize upon the literature that articulates that inner movement for which we, as yet, have no words. But this nudge is persistent and real. It is the truth of being surfacing in our conscious mind, pointing directly to our spiritual purpose.

If we ask, Which came first, the inspiration or the book? we would have to say the inspiration came first. Understanding and affirming this is critical to maintaining a healthy perspective of our spiritual quest. The inspiration we draw from a book is simply a further peeling back of mental blocks that have prevented the full light of spirit to filter into our mind. We were first inspired, then we were led to pick up certain books. If the inspiration had not existed first, we would not have resonated with the book.

The same book would mean nothing to one who is not inspired by the spirit. In other words, we did not prompt our spiritual quest. We responded to the prompting.

It may sound strange, but a significant advancement we make in our spiritual journey is ownership. Yes, we can learn from others, but the path we’re on is uniquely ours. It is an internal stirring that prompted us to probe beyond what others can give, as valuable as that may be. The only potential expert on your spiritual life is you. Trust in that inspiration that nudged you first. It’s still with you. It will be with you always. It will lead you to an understanding of your spiritual purpose.

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