The Meditative Process

YouTube: The Meditative Process

The practice of meditation is simple in terms of physical posture. A good position is to sit in a comfortable chair where the spine can be straight, feet flat on the floor, hands resting on your lap or on the arms of the chair. The object of the position is to stay awake while releasing all thought of the body. The goal of meditation is not the achievement of deep relaxation. Relaxation should be thought of as a byproduct. The goal of meditation is to acquaint yourself firsthand with the pure essence of life before it is colored by your own thinking.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths speaking quietly something like this: I now relax and let go. Release the tension in your body but make no attempt to force it out. Turn your attention to the inner depths of your consciousness. This may not appear to be a clear instruction because it is difficult to explain what it means. You will know you are making progress because your mind will begin to slow to a relaxing and clear pace. Do not make the mistake of trying to stop your thinking. Rather, redirect your natural tendency to think by making another statement: I now move deeper into the pure essence of Being. Focus your mind in the direction you wish it to move.

If you find you cannot stay focused at this point, do as Charles Fillmore suggested and get up and move about, stretching or taking a short walk. Return and start again.

These simple procedures may seem elementary, but stay with them until they begin to produce results. Feel your way through the process by trying different things, simple things that suit you. There is no quick or easy method of disciplining your mind. Reading more about how to do it will only complicate your approach. The truth is that opening your mind to the Infinite is a natural act that most of us have simply forgotten. In time you will begin to experience new and deeper feelings of freedom and inspiration that is not grounded in or tied to external events. These may come at unexpected times throughout your day. Do not look for such feelings, but acknowledge them when they come. Stay with your practice and the way within will become clear.

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