The Everlasting Arms

YouTube: The Everlasting Arms

God … is the substance (from sub, under, and stare, to stand), or the real thing standing under every visible form of life, love, intelligence, or power. Each rock, tree, animal, every visible thing, is a manifestation of the one Spirit—God—differing only in degree of manifestation; and each of the numberless modes of manifestation or individualities, however insignificant, contains the whole.” -Emilie Cady

As I read this text, I am reminded of a verse from Deuteronomy:

“The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms” (Deuteronomy 33:27).

Shifting from the notion that God is a human-like figure who resides in the sky to the understanding that God permeates and sustains all life is a big step for many. And yet as we make this change in our thinking, we come to know God as an imminent help and sustainer in our time of uncertainty. To think of God as our dwelling place and ourselves as being upheld and guided by God’s presence opens our mind to this truth. We take a peaceful, centered approach to our life.

God is your substance and the substance of all you desire. This is a prospering statement, one that helps open your mind to the truth of God as your unfailing resource. Instead of thinking “there are four months to harvest” the truth that God is your ever-present substance opens your mind to the “fields ready for harvest” right now. The same is true with health. God is your present source of health. The healing energy that God is works in and through your mind and body now. 

The statement, I live in God, and God lives in me aligns your thinking with the truth of your relationship to God. Speak these words when you are alone, quietly when you are with others, while you are out for your walk, driving your car, or alone in a meditative setting. Do not reach out to God; reach in. Wherever you are in life, open your mind to God’s prospering, healing presence.

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