4 thoughts on “Think about This

  1. After going through a period of believing there really isn’t any benevolent power in charge, I tried to imagine such a reality. I imagined being alone and in charge of my own life and existence. And I realized that I am nowhere near ready! Even if I am actually projecting my need outside of myself, I still need a God. Especially now at this low point of near desperation.

    1. Do not give up. One thing the Bible gives us is stories of people who had no chance of surviving, let alone winning. Sleep tonight with the thought that it’s not up to you, that things you never even dreamed about are now unfolding. Can you do this?

  2. Hi Doug,
    I have frequently thought that God can do his best “work” when our clever mind is at a low ebb….
    More spirit control, less me control. God is with me in ALL things!
    Dianne Tober

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