Have We Met?

YouTube: Have We Met?

When Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice,” he was not suggesting that his followers were mere sheep, nodding in mindless agreement with every word he spoke. He was saying that those who naturally and deeply resonated with his message were doing so at the soul level. Those who were beginning to awaken to the truth of their being would hear and respond to his message.

We all meet many people in our life. There are some with whom we have an instant rapport, as if we are connected at a level that transcends the surface facts of the relationship. Is it possible we’ve known one another in a previous life? Those who embrace the notion of reincarnation are probably familiar with the idea of souls traveling through lifetimes in groups. I suggested this in one of my songs, It Never Ends:

You and I have walked before

together on some distant shore

do we know some ancient lore

together as friends?

Though I believe Beth and I have walked before, together on some distant shore, I personally don’t put much energy in the pursuit of tracing the time and place of our former relationship. I simply accept that our meeting this time was not our first. Nor should it be surprising that a common, heartfelt interest in spiritual things would cause our paths to cross yet again. Even through this earthly life, we stay in touch with those kindred spirits whose company immediately fit us like comfortable clothing.

I also find comfort in the idea that even when a meaningful relationship is brought to a momentary close, the opportunity to resume will present itself at the appropriate time and place. Parting company is not easy, but as we lift our spiritual eyes to the larger context of this playing field we call life, we can know that nothing precious is ever lost. As Kahlil Gibran so beautifully wrote,

“A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.”

What I recognize as precious now, I will surely know as precious then.

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