From Place to Process

YouTube: From Place to Process

If you want to be a great soul, be a great soul now.” – Emerson

There is much about the concept of spiritual guidance that is a mystery to many. We often seek guidance to a place in life, a certain acquisition or a position that will empower us in our quest for fulfillment. However, what we seek is not in a place. What we seek is found in a process.

In truth, you and I are not empowered by things and positions. These only stir a portion of the power embodied in our spiritual nature. If you think your power comes from things and positions, then you are, as Jesus suggests, laying up for yourself treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume.

There is only one place in your life where you will ever find true empowerment, true and lasting satisfaction. That place is here and now. The point of all spiritual guidance is to bring you to this single place. What you and I are seeking in all our earthly treasures is a deep sense of satisfaction. We do not find it in our earthly treasures because satisfaction is an inner experience.

You do not need to acquire one more possession to begin the process of opening yourself to greater satisfaction. You need only begin giving fully of yourself to your life right where you are. You aren’t happy with your life? Then stop cursing it and start blessing it. Give yourself fully to whatever task is at hand, as if this is the most important task in the universe. This can be everything from doing grocery shopping to taking out the trash to preparing a business proposal. Feel the satisfaction that you are bringing the fullness of your being to bear on whatever you are doing.

Spiritual evolution is a process of waking up to who and what you are at the deepest level. This waking up is achieved by opening the gates of this deeper level in what you are doing right now, at this moment. Initiate this process, and you’ll find every place is the right place.

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