New York Visit

I’m a day late because I couldn’t find these photos. In 1998 I had conducted a three-day Unity retreat at a convent in New Jersey. Afterward, Beth and I spent three days touring New York. We had a wonderful experience and were privileged to have captured the twin towers before 9/11.

3 thoughts on “New York Visit

  1. You were fortunate to see these and to have these nice photos. Doug looks like the photos that accompanied his Unity Magazine articles back in the day before they changed everything about that wonderful magazine I so looked forward to receiving and reading every month.

    1. It’s interesting to me that the magazine back then was not so glossy, but it had so much more substance with an impressive subscription base. I received mail from around the world, which was always a thrill. I believe their success occurred because back then they were putting their spiritual core, their own dedicated Unity students, before that ever-changing spiritual pop culture they believed would surely make them popular. In my eyes, they sold their soul for a bowl of pottage. How wonderful it would be to see a spiritual renaissance in this place I once called home.

      1. Agree totally. I have declined to resubscribe after being unhappy with the vacuous content. One can only hope the loss of subscribers will cause a light to dawn, but until those at the helm understand the spiritual truths that form the basis of Unity teachings, I’m not holding my breath.

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