Recover Your Wholeness

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“What woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp and sweep the house and seek diligently until she finds it?” Luke 15:8 

I’m sure we can all relate to this woman’s situation. Who hasn’t used an item, laid it down and then forgotten where you put it? You know it can’t just vanish into thin air, so you search with the full knowledge that it’s there someplace, and you’ll find it. Now think of an item that you may not have used for some time, maybe an old kitchen utensil, but you need it now. You can’t remember if you still have it because you might have sold it in that last yard sale. With this looming uncertainty, your commitment to finding it is not so strong.

I use the above passage in The Complete Soul to illustrate the tone of our spiritual quest. Much of our spiritual literature assumes that we are undeveloped, that our soul is in an evolving state and may even require additional lifetimes to reach a desired level of enlightenment. If the woman applied this logic to her lost coin, she probably would not have found it. She knows, however, that she has ten coins but has misplaced one. Her relentless quest to recover it brings success.   

If we think of our soul as fully developed and we have simply lost sight of this truth, we will approach our spiritual quest with much higher expectation. To affirm that we are expressions of God yet assume we are spiritually undeveloped is a contradiction. We are not evolving to an ideal spiritual state. The soul is that ideal state. Evolution applies to the process of adapting to environmental and factual changes. The spiritual realm exists in a perpetual state of wholeness.

To recover is to regain possession of something. The woman recovered the coin she already owned. You and I are recovering conscious possession of our spiritual wholeness. We’re not developing our spirituality. We’re not having to earn it. We’re opening our mind and heart to the truth of our spiritual wholeness. Yes, there is a bit of house cleaning to be done, but we do this knowing that the thing we seek is ours already.

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