The Bedrock of Your Being

YouTube: The Bedrock of Your Being

I hope you enjoy this short video reminder of the need to stay spiritually centered in this interesting time of change. Rev. Doug

One thought on “The Bedrock of Your Being

  1. Hi Doug!
    I just listened to your latest offering and at the end of your message you said “this too shall pass”. In the latest Email from “The Path” from Unity, way down near the bottom of that Email, there is a section from Empowerma music, where there are 50 songs you can link to.. One of my personal favorites is by Jana Standield and Jack Fowler…This Too Shall Pass.
    God is good all the time…All the tie God is good!! The connections are not coincidental!!
    Thanks for all you do!
    With appreciation and a happy thoughts,
    Dianne Tober
    Truth Student in Central Florida

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