Unleash Your Spiritual Power

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It is often in times of uncertainty that spiritual ideas become clearest. Something about the world we are used to seeing changes. We’re reminded that what we think of as reality is a rather thin veneer that may not be as reliable as we once thought. We are sharing one of these moments now.

The spiritual dimension, though unseen, becomes our stabilizing factor. The fact that we do not see a solution with our physical eyes prompts us to open our spiritual eyes a bit wider. Our infatuation with surface trivia, which drives so much of both our media and social media, is suddenly seen for what it is—worthless dribble whose only value is its ability to capture our short-term attention.

When we’re met with the kind of change that we’re seeing in the appearance of this corona virus, it takes awhile for us to come to grips with it. But then we say, “Okay, this thing is here and it’s time to take action.” We’ve taken a major first step simply by acknowledging the fact that there is a situation. We become proactive by addressing our physical needs and taking basic precautions.

From the spiritual perspective, our primary interest is to tap into our bedrock of fearlessness. That is, our true essence is not subject to the challenges of the body and environment. Yes, we have a body and we have an environment, but we are much more than this. The closer we get to this true center of power, the more effective we become in handling our affairs.

Many on the spiritual path seem to take a rather passive approach of thinking God will take care of the problem and all you have to do is pray and trust. The life, love, power and intelligence of God manifests through us. Think of yourself as God’s point of influence, with your life as a unique opening through which the infinite flows into the visible.

We will move through this time of uncertainty and we will come out of it stronger and even more deeply rooted in our spiritual values.  

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