The Power of Silence

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It seems counter-intuitive to associate power with silence, especially when we acknowledge that it is the squeaking wheel that usually gets the grease. In the world of circumstance, there are times when squeaking is called for. The development of our spiritual awareness, however, is done in silence. “Be still and know that I am God,” (Psalms 46:10) is a powerful acknowledgement of this truth from the Psalmist.

From this perspective, the only way to know God firsthand is through our intuitive faculty. This Creative Life Force that is the source of our being is always present, but works in silence as a hidden, ever-sustaining fountain of living energy. The intellect can grasp the logic that this is so but it is the intuitive faculty that makes it tangible. The intellect throws many hurdles in our way, mental images of God that distract us from direct knowing. Coming to experience and know God requires discipline and a commitment to moving into a deeper, more satisfying relationship with our Creator/Sustainer.

Find a time when you will not be disturbed, a time dedicated to seeking your experience with God. You may read some inspirational material to bring your purpose into focus. Start with short periods and let these naturally increase as you begin to see the benefits of this quiet time. Emilie Cady writes of the receptive attitude as the fowl bathing in the sun. There is no action on our part, just a receptive knowing that the living light that is God is rising into our awareness. We relax the body and keep the mind centered. If we have a favorite affirmation, we may find it helpful to quietly speak it when our thoughts drift. Never try to force anything.

Do not become discouraged if nothing seems to happen. Often the fruit of this exercise comes in unexpected moments. You may feel a deep sense of peace and joy sweep over you during the day. You may feel an unconditional love for life, or a deep feeling of compassion for another with no provocation. You are opening the intuitive door, and through this door the light of God will begin to shine in ways you are not looking for.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Silence

  1. As another master says, on how to get conscious: “Leave past and future thoughts outside and leave present thoughts too.” Now your in the receptive space.

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