Our True Home

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Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”                     Matthew 11:28

Today I would like us to explore a feeling familiar to those of you who have been called from the safety of your previous religious indoctrination to the freedom and challenges of navigating your own spiritual path. The feeling I refer to is that vaguely familiar sensation of having come home.

Most of us have come from diverse religious backgrounds. And yet we share the common thread of knowing there is more to our spiritual reality than the theological framework into which, by social default, has had such a strong influence on our thinking. We are answering more than a need to find a better religion. By striking out on this path, you and I are responding to a deep stirring in the soul. We seek an understanding of our spiritual origins, a conscious reunion with those vast fields of everlasting life from which our spiritual identity is perpetually hewn.

This journey is not without its trials. Life can throw us questions we cannot fully answer and we are often tempted to scurry back to that well-worn path of our old ways. But we do not linger long. The desire for spiritual freedom has its roots, not in the easily accessible layers of our consciousness, but in the very essence of our being. We are seeking new ways, asking new questions because a broader dimension is opening within us, stirring and prodding us to greater horizons. The same expansive energy that causes the chick to start pecking at the safety of it shell causes us to tap at the circumscribed parameters of our programmed thinking. We are simply responding to the stirring of the Infinite.

It’s important to seek clarity in what we believe and, most importantly, why we believe it. As a direct expression of God, it is logical to assume this clarity is achieved from within our being. The closer we come to our spiritual center, the closer we are to God, our true home.


3 thoughts on “Our True Home

  1. Reminds me of Emilie Cady’s “knowing”! I think when we choose to experience this short human jaunt with love, as unconditionally as we can, we have glimpses of eternity.
    Thanks for your messages!

    Dianne Tober 🙂
    Truth Student in Central Florida

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