Embrace of the Universe

Embrace of the Universe

The idea with this series of songs is to present them in the simplest acoustic format. I’m adding my own harmony and second rhythm guitar just for a little added dimension. I’m not even editing out some of the mistakes I hear, so this is a very basic presentation. I hope you enjoy this piece.

Embrace of the Universe  (© 2016 J Douglas Bottorff)

  1. I sit alone and my thoughts are clear, thinking ‘bout yet another year

It’s the same song, with another verse

Quiet time and the moon’s up high, the winter night plays its lullaby,

it’s a pure song, no need to rehearse

I open my heart to the warm embrace of the universe


  1. Our soul is speaking but it isn’t clear, so busy trying to get away from here

We take our chances, for better or worse

This earthly life you can never tell, sometimes it’s heaven sometimes it’s hell

We’re moving forward, or running full in reverse

We long for our home in the loving embrace of the universe



The world is such a beautiful place, when you see behind

The trappings of that shallow façade, that has left us all blind

A simple way to give your love is what you find

All fear falls away and the laughter echoes through your mind


  1. Looking backward we can rarely see, that we’ve been running through eternity

We miss the flowers, along this path we traverse

What we want has been here all along, the love we sought drifting like a song

Through our heart, lifting that old curse

We’re trusting our soul, to the loving embrace of the universe

We’re trusting our soul, to the loving embrace of the universe

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