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“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

When you think of the spiritual path, how do you see it? Are you moving along toward an unknown destination somewhere over the horizon? Do you look to your past as a way of measuring how far you’ve come in your thinking? Do you feel you are getting any closer to your spiritual goal, or have you concluded that you may need more time than your current life allows?

From my observation, I’m guessing most people will agree that the attainment of spiritual satisfaction is an ideal we move toward but have not yet reached. Yet when Jesus speaks of coming to the Father, he does so in the present tense. He doesn’t say, I will be the way, but I am the way. The truth I teach is the way to the Father. Was he pointing to a direction we are to travel, or was he indicating that we come to the Father here and now? I have reason to believe it is the latter.

It is easily demonstrated that the only place you and I can be is here, in this now moment. Stand on a spot and call it here. Move to another spot and you will still say you are here. Likewise, we can think of the past and the future, but we can never leave this now moment. Yet it certainly seems as if we are spiritually underdeveloped where we now stand. Surely our hope for spiritual illumination lies elsewhere.

Let’s rethink this problem. All that constitutes the living forces that sustain you are in full operation right now. You’re not required to know any more about these forces. They continue giving you their all. You are a fully functioning instrument of God right now. God is expressing as you in this now moment, the only time you will ever have. God requires nothing more of you to continue operating in and as you. Everything is a go for our spiritual awakening.

Does this sound impractical? Don’t be anxious or try to force anything. Just know that you are in the Father and the Father is in you, that you are perfectly capable now of awakening to this truth. Think of this often, as you get up in the morning and go to bed at night. The light is dawning. You are here and so is God.

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