The Silence

[Note: I was absent Sunday due to a minor surgery, which was a success. I want to thank Elaine Lawrie-Foss, a lifetime Unity student, for speaking in my place. JDB]

Youtube: The Silence (audio only)

Audio: The Silence

Excerpt from The Silence, by E.V. Ingraham

The moment it dawns upon you that the first sense of stillness that you feel as you practice the silence is the actual presence of God, that moment you have passed into the realm “beyond the silence,” for then there comes to you a conscious revelation of one of the outstanding characteristics of God Himself. But back of the silent nature of God lie all the numberless phases and degrees of Him who is all.  The silence then becomes the locus (place in consciousness) for receiving the inspiration of the Almighty that gives understanding; the locus where the Spirit of truth becomes the only teacher, where man gains knowledge of the Infinite at first hand.  Silence ceases to be mere stillness, and becomes the unfolding presence of Divinity itself.  At this moment you have literally touched the hem of His garment, and the complete reconstruction of your nature begins.







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