Your Life is Holy Ground

Youtube: Your Life is Holy Ground

Audio: Your Life is Holy Ground

Moses is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beloved Old Testament characters, possibly because we all relate to his efforts to set his people free from their Egyptian enslavement. It’s a story we can all identify with. At one point in Hebrew history, Egypt was an answer. The tribes of Israel moved there because of famine in their own land. Later, Egypt became the problem, as a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph saw the growing Hebrew population as a threat, thus enslaving them.

Moses was raised in an Egyptian household and was spared the hardships of his kin. One day he killed an Egyptian who was mistreating a Hebrew slave and he was forced to flee Egypt and live as a shepherd, reconnecting with his roots. While in the solitude of the countryside God speaks to Moses from a burning bush, calling him into service for the task of freeing his people.

Moses represents the understanding of God as law, a quantum leap from the view that God is capricious, moody, and completely unpredictable. The understanding of God as law means that when certain conditions are met, certain consequences are inevitable. Someone described affirmative prayer as the act of setting certain mental and emotional conditions that make a specific outcome inevitable.

According to the story, God’s will for the Hebrew people was the condition of prosperity and absolute freedom. It was the understanding of God as law (Moses) that brought them out of captivity and into their land of plenty. So it is with us. We may be waiting for God to act and bring about our freedom. The voice of God reminded Moses that the place upon which he was standing was holy ground. Like Jacob, Moses did not know he was in the presence of God.

When we realize that we are in the presence of God, that we are now standing on holy ground, we stop asking God to do things for us and begin to affirm and visualize the desired condition coming into manifestation. When we see and hold to a truth, we are creating an internal condition that makes certain external consequences inevitable, like 1+1 always produces 2.

You and I now stand in the fully operating kingdom of God. Dwell on what you want, expecting it to come about, and you will see a positive change for the better.

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