The Prayer of Healing

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As we’ve seen so far in this series, effective prayer involves three basic actions. The first is the infilling we receive in our quiet times of meditation. The second is the releasing of mental states that do not conform to the truth we discover in our quiet time. The third is the affirmation of what is true of Spirit in specific areas of our life.

One specific area that touches all of us, though in varying degrees, is the area of healing. I want to turn to near-death studies for a moment because this research reveals a very profound piece of information. Let’s say a person is hospitalized and undergoes surgery for a serious heart condition. During the surgery the patient flat-lines and is pronounced dead. To all appearances the life of the patient, including all perceptual functions of the brain, has ceased. Yet the patient “regains” consciousness, either of their own volition or through resuscitation, and reports experiences they could not possibly have had according to the current scientific, brain-based model of consciousness.

Included in the experiences the patient reports is a condition of perfect health, so perfect, in fact, that they felt more alive than ever. What is true of this patient is true of you. In meditation you open your mind, not to a state of health and well being that you do not yet have, but to the condition of health and wholeness that you possess right now. The aches and pains of our body bring our attention away from the truth of our perpetual wholeness that is so strong death of the body does not overcome it.

Open your mind to your spiritual body. Release all doubt that it exists in its fullness right now. Affirm that this spiritual body is you and you are giving yourself permission to come forth and fully occupy the physical body you now inhabit. Do not try to force a healing, beg for it or make any bargains with God. You are this wholeness, this perfect spiritual body and you need only acknowledge it and invite it to come forth into your consciousness.

The prayer of healing is the simple acceptance of what you are.

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