The Truth About The End Times

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There are a number of examples in the Bible of a genre of literature known as apocalyptic writing. While the books of Daniel and Revelation are the best known, there are some noted insertions such as the thirteenth chapter of Mark, known by scholars as the little apocalypse. This type of writing is characterized by warnings of an impending cataclysm of cosmic proportions, triggered by the sins of mankind, and executed by God whose patience has finally run out. The Essenes also envisioned a day when the children of light would rise up against the children of darkness in a great battle of good against evil, with good finally coming out on top.

Throughout human history, there is much evidence of great cataclysms occurring. There are floods, hurricanes, massive volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroid impacts, and even solar flares that have wreaked mass destruction across the planet. These natural occurrences are often attributed to divine rectification of some sort. As fascinating as this may be, we need not look outside of ourselves to find a battle underway. We see it going on within ourselves, that struggle between what we sense is true at our deepest level and that more surface side that often runs counter to this spiritual center. We grapple with appearances versus truth, head versus heart, intellect versus intuition.

The advent of the Messiah, which we’ll be exploring in the weeks to come, is seen as the resolution to this struggle. The fact that all religions have some form of this belief – that good will eventually triumph over evil – indicates there is a universal source to this hope. This source is within each of us. I’ve come to see it as the tension that exists between the self-image and the soul, the surface-self against the spiritual self. We struggle to discern the difference between what is true and what merely appears to be true at life’s surface.

Our experience on this earth is but a fraction of our soul’s journey. We are truly spiritual beings involved in a very human experience. The end times are really our own personal awakening to the truth of who and what we are at the deepest level. The earth that is shaken to its very foundation is the realm of the self-image giving way to the truth of the soul.

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