The Truth About The Law of Attraction

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Much has been written about the law of attraction and the possible role it can play in enhancing every aspect of our life. In simple terms, it’s the understanding that, coupled with a sound plan of action, we can turn our thoughts into things and conditions. Unfortunately, there are those who give the impression that by merely visualizing and affirming wealth or some other desirable condition, the universe will go to work to lay it at our feet with little or no effort on our part.

It’s important to understand that we do not invoke any natural law. The law of attraction has always been in play. Our life, in fact, is the result of this law in action. To think we can suddenly begin visualizing prosperity when we’ve spent much of each waking day battling thoughts of lack is to overlook another law that actually sets the tone and direction for the law of attraction. This is the law of expression. How you see yourself determines what you will attract.

The law of expression involves conscious union with your soul, or as Paul Tillich called it, the ground of being. When you touch this spiritual dimension, its qualities radiate through your being and your consciousness. Jesus put it in different terms but with the same meaning: Seek first the kingdom of God (the law of expression), and all these things will be added (the law of attraction – Matthew 6:33).

When we seek to invoke the law of attraction from a disposition of lack – an inadequate self-image – we attract matching conditions. You can visualize huge piles of money all day long, but if you’re doing it from a fear-based, lack-centered self-image, you will not draw to yourself conditions that are foreign to this self-image.

The key is to seek first the kingdom. That is, forget trying to manifest riches and commit to mining the riches of your soul. The more the beauty of your spiritual essence rises into your awareness, the more naturally you will attract corresponding conditions. You don’t invoke the law of attraction any more than you invoke the law of gravity. What you express as you is the attracting agent. The more of your limitless self you express, the freer, more prosperous your conditions naturally become.





2 thoughts on “The Truth About The Law of Attraction

  1. Thank you, Doug. You have explained to me Matthew 6:33 in a way I had never seen before. It was very helpful to me.

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