The Truth About Spiritual Healing

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Healing has always been an important aspect of both Traditional and New Thought Christian approaches. While both encourage faith in God, New Thought emphasizes the importance of individual understanding and attitude. We start with the truth of our oneness with God and our wholeness at the soul level.

For a variety of reasons, the body can malfunction in ways that are sometimes difficult to understand. We may see a health challenge as a spiritual test, a catalyst for learning, a wake-up call of some type, or the outworking of a bout of prolonged anxiety. There may be truth to some or all of these, but we do not want to linger too long on causes. Referring to a man blind from birth, the disciples asked Jesus if it was the man or his parents who had sinned. Jesus basically said it didn’t matter, that this was an opportunity to see the works of God. The man was healed of his blindness.

Think of your body as a television set. Think of your soul as the programming picked up by the television. The television can malfunction, but the programming signal is still available. As soon as the television set is repaired, the signal is translated into a picture and sound.

Now think of your soul as your primary healing agent. Your soul, like the broadcasting signal, presses in upon every aspect of your mind and body. You may be guided to seek medical help, to change your diet, start an exercise routine, make some lifestyle adjustments, or simply take a deeper interest in your spiritual needs. The most important thing is holding the vision of your soul, complete in every way, freely pressing in upon and through your body in ways that are balancing, peace-bringing, and radiant with warm, healing energy.

If you need to know what brought about your physical condition, trust that you will be made aware of this. There’s no need to stress over it. The body has millions of moving parts, and your soul is endowed with the intelligence to keep them moving in harmony. Hold this vision with an open mind and heart. You are whole now.


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