Resolving the Enigma of Divine Order

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When we seek spiritual guidance, we usually do so from one of two states of mind. We’re either seeking spiritual wisdom to implement a plan of action, or we’re clueless about our current state of affairs, and we’re asking God for ideas. In either case, it’s a good practice to remind ourselves that all things are unfolding in divine order.

But what does this mean? Does it mean that if we don’t affirm divine order, chaos will ensue? Does God need our reminder to initiate the highest process of order to ensure the best, most successful outcome?

It’s been said that we don’t affirm a thing to make it true; we affirm it because it is true. The declaration that, My life is now unfolding in divine order is a statement that aligns our understanding, our expectations, with the truth that that which is best and highest for the expression of our soul, is now taking place. Whether we’re in the process of pursuing a dream, or we feel completely lost, adrift in a sea of uncertainty, we experience the peace of knowing that all is well.

Though this may not seem to be true, the feeling of being lost is foreign to the soul. It’s the self-image that experiences the opposites of certainty and uncertainty. The soul is grounded in the Infinite. Our spiritual core never becomes lost in the weeds of circumstance. Nor is the soul’s worth based on our successes and failures.

The self-image tends to read its ever-changing circumstances like tea leaves. We hope that the patterns left by the grounds in the bottom of our cup will give us some indication of what we should do. The problem here is that we will read into appearances exactly what we want to see. We’re like dooms-day advocate that sees that latest volcanic eruption, hurricane, political scandal, or violent outbreak in the Middle East as the signs that the end is near.

When you affirm divine order, do so with a deep feeling of certainty that your soul’s purpose is now being fulfilled. Pursue your plans and move through your circumstances with the understanding that all things are working together for your highest good, and for the highest good of all. In those moments of uncertainty, turn your attention away from circumstances and re-establish your faith in the truth that your life is now unfolding in divine order.


4 thoughts on “Resolving the Enigma of Divine Order

  1. An affirmation that worked for me when I was faced with a heavy schedule was this: “I have all the time I need to do everything that should be done by me.” Usually I got done with steady attention within the time I had, Or more time opened up. If neither of those was true, it turned out to have been someone else’s job.

  2. Doug, This article has sparked my curiosity. Is there any certain knowledge of who coined the phrase, divine order? Does the Charles Fillmore definition of mind, idea and expression have any relevance within the context of your article? This is not criticism in any way shape or form. I am sincerely in a place of curiosity and not knowing. As always, thoroughly enjoy reading what you write

    1. Hi Coco. The idea really stems from Jesus’ “First the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear,” as a depiction of order. It was James Dillet Freeman who I heard say, “You don’t affirm a thing to make it true; you affirm it because it is true.” If the self-image/ego affirms divine order, it i usually attempting to manipulate circumstances. When we affirm it from the soul level, we are acknowledging that higher good emerges out of apparent chaos. All of Fillmore’s teaching revolves around the central notion of regeneration. I no longer include that idea in my understanding of the soul.

      Great hearing from you, Coco.

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