The Hidden Jesus

YouTube: The Hidden Jesus

Hello friends, and welcome again to Independent Unity’s virtual church from home. I trust all of you are doing well, that this is a productive and possibly introspective time.

Last week, people from around the world celebrated Easter, based on the traditional understanding of Jesus that’s been passed down for two thousand years. It’s a story we’ve heard so many times that it would be easy to assume this orthodox view is the only way to think of Jesus. But considering how Jesus rebelled against the orthodoxy of his own day, we have to wonder if he would give his stamp of approval to the way that he’s currently portrayed.

For those of us who have taken the liberty to examine the sayings of Jesus from outside this traditional box, we move from the so-called Passion of Christ to the passion of Jesus—a passion to bring to his people a message of truth that he believed would break the chains of dogmatic religion, and truly set his followers free. Today, I want to explore a different type of resurrection. I want to roll away the stone of orthodoxy and shed new light on The Hidden Jesus that has been entombed in two-thousand years of dogmatic religion ….   

4 thoughts on “The Hidden Jesus

  1. Thank You for your weekly sharing… they are most appreciated… however, I prefer reading as opposed to the video.

    Blessings & Joy

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