A Few Thoughts On The Virus Scare

[Note: I’m sharing this article I just posted on my Face Book page.]

Crisis brings out the best and the worst in people. The best will stand up and ask what they can do to help. The worst will fan the flames of fear and figure out some way to exploit the suffering of others.

I have adopted as my core principle the notion that there is but one presence and one power in the universe, God the good, omnipotent. Now is a good time to share some thoughts on what this does and does not mean. It does not mean that we stick our heads in the sand and pretend that all is well. It means that we make a conscious choice to move from the influence of fear mongering to our center of power, knowing that the calm and peace that is the core of our being is the only reality, and this empowers us to make constructive contributions. This reality, like the warming sun sending its healing rays over the horizon, is even now dissolving the shadows of ignorance and fear. Either we believe it, or we do not. Now is our moment of truth.

Today’s media is a shallow chatterbox driven by one of the lowest forms of self-interest imaginable. With the advent of the internet, we are bombarded with a plethora of misinformation and speculation designed to garner clicks, likes and views, none of which will mean a thing 15 minutes from now.

Fear is one of the most debilitating emotions we can experience. It robs us of our peace, our power, and (possibly the most important) our creative imagination. As individuals, our greatest work at this moment is to return to our center of power, to make a concerted effort to release all fear, and to re-establish our faith in the greater good that is even now unfolding.

Ask yourself this question: When this storm has passed, will I be proud of the way I thought, felt, and behaved? Consider this for a few moments and then ask yourself this second question: Am I proud of the thoughts, feelings, and behavior I am displaying right now? Do these thoughts, emotions, and behaviors support what I really believe to be true in the ultimate sense?

We were not given a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, peace, and creativity. We know instinctively that this is true. Something tells us that when we allow fear to dominate, we are not being true to who and what we are at the deepest level.

We will do well to focus on the sunrise, to let this momentary darkness of fear and ignorance melt away in the light of truth. This is the option proactively embraced by those who contribute the most in any moment of uncertainty. I trust that you who read this are one of these.

4 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts On The Virus Scare

  1. Beautiful, Doug, as always. We just went to the grocery store. There were daffodils at every register. The pharmacist who gave me the flu shot was gracious, pleasant and efficient. The checker was wiping down the conveyer belt after every purchase. There was enough food, toilet paper and clorox wipes for everyone. (Some items like hand sanitizer are out, but we still have good ole’ soap and water.) People were laughing, smiling and helping each other. I mentioned to Joel that even though our election seems to be pulling people apart, when we meet each other face-to-face, we are kind and honorable people.

    1. Thanks for the positive report Diana. That’s refreshing to hear. If you rely on the media, people across the country are supposedly behaving as badly as if they were at a Black Friday sale.
      Thanks again.

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