A New Approach to Advent

This year I will be introducing an alternative Advent Series that is based on what I call the four fundamentals of God. These are life, love, power, and intelligence. These four fundamentals express as enthusiasm, understanding, strength, and order. Through December, each Sunday talk will carry the corresponding themes of Life/enthusiasm, Love/understanding, Power/strength, and Intelligence/order.

Our Advent wreath will consist of five candles. At the center is the white Christ candle. A different color candle will be lit each Sunday to match the topic. Life = green, Love = red or pink, Power = blue, and Intelligence = yellow. The series will culminate as our Christmas Eve candle lighting service, which is based on my spiritual interpretation of each of the elements of the Christmas story.

The traditional tone of Advent is one of hope for a brighter future with the advent of the return of Christ; that is, the second coming of Jesus. The tone of this series will be one of a present awakening to the underlying Creative Life Force we call God. This is the source of our soul, our individuality. Touching this realm frees us from the rote restrictions of tradition-thinking and opens us to the living essence that stirs us to new levels of genuine inner peace and freedom.

If you can’t join us in person for this series, you can certainly join us online. As usual, links to the talks will be posted here, on our Unity Talks Online page, and on our website: http://unitygj.org.