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One of the points I made last week involved the importance of admitting there is a problem before we can actually work with it. With this coronavirus pandemic (two words I had difficulty speaking aloud in the beginning), we have a situation that is touching every one of us. Normally, you could ask ten people to describe their most pressing challenge and you’d get ten different answers. Now the chances are good that those same ten people will give this flu and all its repercussions as their main concern.

So, we’ve identified a common concern. Now what? We wash hands, maintain social distancing, spend most of our time at home, stop hoarding and become vigilant about helping others who are unable to help themselves. We do these basic things with the intention of making the situation better for ourselves and for everyone around us. It may sound like a simple platitude to say that we’re going to get through this thing. And yet, this is exactly what we need to say.

There are people in absolute panic right now. Do you know what panic is? Panic is an expression of faith. Faith in what? Faith that something horrible is about to happen. We have to confront this burning fire of panic so we can put it out. We are going to make it though this. Let’s start entertaining this very basic notion. This thing we’re in now is our life. No one wants a pandemic to deal with, but here it is. To say it’s not real is to put ourselves and others at risk. This is a body-based problem that we must solve.

How do we deal with a pandemic from a spiritual perspective? This is a key question, one of the most important we can ask ourselves. Do I really believe in these spiritual principles I profess, or do I just profess them because doing so makes me feel good? How can I use the power of my faith to change the way I think and feel, to change the quality of my experience? As a minister, it’s not my job to answer this question for you. It’s my job to raise the question. It’s the job of every individual, including myself, to answer it.

Touching Base

Hello friends,

Just saying hi to everyone. I was going to put out another short video, but I’ll probably do that tomorrow. I don’t want to burn everyone out. I think you will enjoy this coming Sunday’s program on YouTube. I’ve expanded the format somewhat, taping it in the church and including a musical performance by Barb and Diane, as well as a meditation. Hope you tune in to it.

We’re certainly in an interesting time. On the news front, there are many encouraging signs, but you have to look for them. It seems that so many are negative and designed to keep people in fear. I think it’s important for everyone to comply with the governor’s stay-at-home order and only go out for the essentials. I must admit, however, that I was a little amused to see the governor’s essential retailers include grocery, liquor and marijuana stores.

This is a good time to pull out our favorite books and refresh our thoughts with spiritual ideas. It’s also good to just go about our business and maybe get some things done around the house that we’ve been putting off. Beth and I took a nice walk yesterday while we had sunshine. Today we’re watching occasional snow flurries. What a beautiful planet we live on.

In my quiet time early this morning (I was up by 4 a.m.), I experienced the deep assurance that all is well. It was very clear and reassuring. I created the above poster and shared it on FaceBook, as I know there are some who are stressing over this. I trust you’re not one of them, that you’re seeing this as an opportunity to slow down and reassess. It’s so easy to get caught up in things that don’t really matter. And it’s also easy to lay it all down and enjoy this momentary pause.

Please feel free to comment and just say “Hi, we’re good here.” This will be over before we know it, so let’s just take it in and enjoy it.

Blessings to you,

Rev. Doug

Colorado Stay at Home Order

I’m sure you have seen that our Colorado governor has issued a statewide stay-at-home order. I think it is in our best interest to comply. It’s also in our best interest to remember that this too shall pass.

Today I recorded this coming Sunday’s message from church. For awhile, I’ll be recording from a hidden bunker somewhere on the Colorado Plateau.

Email me if you want or need to talk:

Warmest Blessings,

Rev. Doug

Unleash Your Spiritual Power

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It is often in times of uncertainty that spiritual ideas become clearest. Something about the world we are used to seeing changes. We’re reminded that what we think of as reality is a rather thin veneer that may not be as reliable as we once thought. We are sharing one of these moments now.

The spiritual dimension, though unseen, becomes our stabilizing factor. The fact that we do not see a solution with our physical eyes prompts us to open our spiritual eyes a bit wider. Our infatuation with surface trivia, which drives so much of both our media and social media, is suddenly seen for what it is—worthless dribble whose only value is its ability to capture our short-term attention.

When we’re met with the kind of change that we’re seeing in the appearance of this corona virus, it takes awhile for us to come to grips with it. But then we say, “Okay, this thing is here and it’s time to take action.” We’ve taken a major first step simply by acknowledging the fact that there is a situation. We become proactive by addressing our physical needs and taking basic precautions.

From the spiritual perspective, our primary interest is to tap into our bedrock of fearlessness. That is, our true essence is not subject to the challenges of the body and environment. Yes, we have a body and we have an environment, but we are much more than this. The closer we get to this true center of power, the more effective we become in handling our affairs.

Many on the spiritual path seem to take a rather passive approach of thinking God will take care of the problem and all you have to do is pray and trust. The life, love, power and intelligence of God manifests through us. Think of yourself as God’s point of influence, with your life as a unique opening through which the infinite flows into the visible.

We will move through this time of uncertainty and we will come out of it stronger and even more deeply rooted in our spiritual values.