The Prospering Prayer

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As we have seen, prayer is a two-fold activity. There is a releasing and affirming aspect. The seed lets go of its seed identity (release) before it grows (affirms) into the plant. When we pray, we become willing to release the energy we are giving to one thing – usually a negative appearance – so we may fully pour it into another.

The prospering prayer is a prayer intended to free us from some restriction. For the seed, prosperity is the shedding of the seed-self so that further growth and fruition may occur. We are following this same principle of expansion that we see in operation throughout the natural world.

Think about this. You desire greater freedom because at the spiritual level you are already free. Conditions that restrict the soul’s natural expression, whether they are financial, health-related, or grounded in our self-perception, are really pockets of energy that must be broken up and released. When we understand this, we can focus our prayer work in the most effective direction. This rarely has to do with the actual condition. The condition is simply calling our attention to the area in need of work.

Remember that Jesus said whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Believing you have received changes the way you utilize your energy. Believing you have not received sets up a negative charge. Believing you have received sets up a positive charge. You may say, “Trying to believe I have received something I don’t have is a lie. How can I believe a lie?” We are dealing with spiritual principle here. The material thing or condition is the effect you are after. Prayer sets up the cause that produces the desired effect, or something better.

Pay attention to the negative energy you are giving to your situation. Make a conscious effort to release this. Affirm the truth, the greater freedom that you want to experience. That is, allow yourself to experience this freedom. How would I feel if this issue was resolved? Let yourself experience the joy and freedom associated with your answer. Hold to this and take any action you’re prompted to take until your desired condition becomes your reality.       

The Prayer of Love

YouTube: The Prayer of Love

Audio: The Prayer of Love

Love has been called, the great attractor, and for good reason. We are all drawn to loving acts and words of our friends and family, and to the unconditional acceptance of our pets. Love nurtures us, assures us, comforts us in our strongest moments, and in our times of uncertainty. This is, no doubt, why John concluded that God is love, the most desirable, all-encompassing quality that we can experience.

  Yet love is not only a great attractor, it is also a great dissolver. Love draws greater good, but it also dissolves attitudes, perceptions, relationships and conditions that keep more favorable situations from developing in our lives.

Sometimes we are not aware of the things that need to dissolve, and so we cling to them as if their dissolution is a threat to our well-being. The prayer of love is a conscious recognition and willingness to let love enhance our strengths and dissolve our weaknesses. Are we prepared to allow love to dissolve a weakness, even when we consider it a strength? Fear, often interpreted as a signal that it’s time to fight, can also be seen as a signal that it’s time to move beyond some self-defeating aspect of our self-image.

Love may appear to be a double-edged sword that can heal or wound. But when love is left to do its perfect work, the results are always in our favor. Love clears the way for us to move past self-restricting attitudes or behaviors that keep us struggling in the constraints of limitation.  

Affirm, Divine Love is doing Its perfect work in me now. Feel God as a loving, guiding, comforting presence. Open your mind and heart to possibilities of growth in every area of your being, conscious and unconscious. See love pouring into every aspect of your life, to balance, heal, harmonize and dissolve those things that stand in the way of your greater good. Love is working on your behalf, so surrender to love’s perfect work in absolute trust that those things which fall away need to do so, and those new, inspired ideas that come to you have done so by divine appointment.

Unfolding Project

I now have 55 cards (11 collections) posted on my Etsy store, which you can view at I’m currently in the process of setting up another shop on Amazon’s Handmade, a relatively new feature devoted to making available the work of individual artists.

Here is part of the description you see on Etsy:

“Original photography combined with computer graphics give these greeting cards the look of fine art. The imagery and the messages may inspire the recipient to collect and perhaps frame them for their beauty and for their encouraging words. You can see the interior part of the message as you scroll through the samples.

Think of these messages as appropriate for special occasions, though not in the conventional sense. Perhaps your friend or loved one is celebrating a personal achievement. Or maybe they are struggling with a challenge that seems beyond their capacity to overcome. As you carefully consider their unique situation, you are sure to find an affirmative message of encouragement that speaks directly to them, adding support to your own carefully chosen words.”

The Prayer of Purpose

YouTube: The Prayer of Purpose

Audio: The Prayer of Purpose

One of our fundamental teachings is that God is the source of our supply. We may think of God as owning a great warehouse full of goods and when orders are put in, they’re fulfilled and sent out. There are times, of course, when it seems as if our request has been placed on back order, or that our credit has been compromised.

Jesus said that God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth. God does not actually give us things. God gives us ideas and inspiration. We have the wonderful ability to open our minds to the very essence of God, to be filled with the life, love, power and intelligence that bring about all we see and all we do not see. We have a beautiful faculty of imagination that enables us to envision specific things and conditions that are appealing to us. We can tap into the energy of zeal that enables us to do the things necessary to bring about the life we envision. We have the ability to love what we do and create blessings that touch the lives of others.

The prayer of purpose is the one that sees clearly a desired objective, that releases the negative doubts and fears that stand in our way, that stimulates the faith to hold fast and to move forward when we are called to act in ways that further our heart-felt aspirations.

George Eliot made the great observation that God “could not make Antonio Stradivarius’s violins without Antonio.” God cannot make the world you know is possible without you to bring it forth. Think of yourself as the translator of the unseen to the visible. The life you desire is not a thing that is either given or withheld but a thing you agree to help produce.

The prayer that prospers is one that affirms that which you desire is yours now and your acceptance of this truth opens the mental and emotional doors through which your good may come. Do not be discouraged if the manifestation seems slow. Hold fast to your desire, be willing to work and live with the peace of knowing your good is coming forth now!   

Flying Inspiration

Having been raised in a rural community, I have felt since childhood that the natural world is the manifestation of an underlying, spiritual reality. The patterns, the color, the behavior we see in living creatures points to a deeper activity on a grand scale. I’m reminded of Walt Whitman’s piece, “A Child Said, What Is Grass.” The poet muses over possible answers to the question, including this one:

“Or I guess it is the handkerchief of the Lord,
A scented gift and remembrancer designedly dropped,
Bearing the owner’s name someway in the corners, that we
may see and remark, and say Whose?”

For me, the child’s question of “Whose?” has a clear answer. As I contemplate the creatures or the scenery of the natural world, I do not see a random act, but an intentional expression of a higher intelligence with its owner’s signature stamped in every corner.

Great Blue Heron

For years I have had an interest in photographing birds. Unfortunately, the cost of good camera gear and film development made it a difficult hobby to pursue. Birds do not intentionally pose for portraits and most shots are not worth keeping, so it gets expensive very quickly. With today’s digital technology, if you don’t like a photo, you simply delete it.

As one who has devoted his life to the study and teaching of spiritual principles, I’m always looking for ways to share with others ideas that are meaningful to me. I’ve done this through speaking, writing and music. Now I’m adding a fourth avenue of expression: photography. It occurred to me that the greeting card would be an excellent way to share this interest. An inspiring thought combined with a beautiful image is a simple but powerful and non-intrusive way of boosting the spirit of a friend or loved one.

Through the magic of digital photography and computer graphics, I have developed a unique series of greeting cards that allow me to share thoughts and imagery I believe will inspire others in meaningful ways. Like music, images from nature have a universal appeal that moves us at deep levels. The messages I’ve included carry a positive thought that should appeal to anyone. These affirmative statements are designed to let your friend or loved one know you are thinking of them in a meaningful way.

Today’s online technology has allowed me to set up a store, Flying Inspiration, to make these cards available for viewing and for purchase. I’d love to have you visit and see how this site so beautifully displays each card. Click on any set and scroll through it. Currently there are ten sets with five, 5 x 7 cards (envelopes included) in each collection. I would love to get your feedback on this latest project. Those who have seen this work have been very enthusiastic in their support for it.

Every aspect of nature “bears the owner’s name someway in the corners.” When we ask, “Whose?” our eyes may be opened in that instant, and I’m finding that’s a great time to have a camera.